Values statement


In all aspects of the planning and delivery of the 2020 AMaGA conference the conference organising committees will take into account the following considerations, commitments, priorities and principles.

Cultural safety

The conference should be a safe and inclusive space for all.


Diversity should be embodied in the public roles at the conference, including hosts, speakers and chairs – the following voices should be heard:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse
  • Youth and the elderly
  • Gender equal
  • Different and diverse abilities
  • Volunteers
  • Regional Australia
  • Emerging professionals

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement

The following recommendations in First Peoples: A Roadmap for Enhancing Indigenous Engagement in Museums and Galleries will be applied:

  • Cultural Safety – space, awareness and support
  • A commitment to reconciliation and re-imagining representation
  • Indigenous people are the key voices and interpreters of Indigenous content
  • Indigenous people’s voices, languages and living culture are highlighted
  • Indigenous people in organising and decision-making
  • Support the involvement of Indigenous people in creating welcoming spaces – people, place and relevance are key
  • Champion Indigenous leadership and Indigenous networks

Representation and consultation

Nothing about us without us
No identified group should be the subject of planned extended presentation or discussion without persons identifying with that group having a voice or presence in the conversation.

Empathy, listening and respect
… will be the dominant characteristics of all discussions.

Planning, decision-making and organisation should never be confidential where it does not need to be – the default position is open communication.

Care will be taken to build and maintain the trust of all stakeholders throughout, including through respectful and timely consultation.


All decisions should maximise inclusiveness and minimise exclusiveness by considering the following in all decision-making:

  • Access for delegates who are people with disability
  • Economic barriers to full participation
  • Geographic barriers to full participation
  • Language barriers to full participation
  • Emerging professionals

Sector diversity

We will strive for a balanced reflection of the diversity of the sector.
We will continue to increase the presence of art galleries.

Sustainability and climate change

  • Waste should be minimised – this includes single-use plastics, food and paper
  • Ecological footprint should be minimised or off-set

Corporate social responsibility

We will not knowingly engage or accept sponsorship from any company or organisation that has a poor social responsibility record – including but not limited to poor labour practices and negative environmental impact.